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Welcome to McGuffin Design Group Our Services, Web Design, Hosting, Database Development and more! View samples of the web design work we've done. Get a firm quote on your web or database design project. Contact us for help with your web site or database. Time for a Blog!
We build websites, databased and create custom logos.
Check out the services that McGuffin Design can offer your business.

We offer a variety of web development services. . .

Owning a website and having a professional freelance web developer build your website can provide your business with a great advantage. Having a crappy looking, or poorly performing website can drive business away. Your customers can tell the difference between a website built by the neighborhood kid, and a professional web developer.

We use the latest web development tools such as Adobe Creative Suite CS4

Professional custom & template web design

We specialize in the languages of the web, including: HTML, XHTML, FLASH & CSS. By following the rules of the World Wide Web Consortium or W3, we can build you a web site that is:

  • Unique to you
  • Fits your business model
  • Incorporates existing markeing strategies, logos, content & look & feel
  • Enjoyable for your customers to visit
  • Easy to navigate
  • Fast loading
  • Cross-browser compatible so your website looks the same in many browers and versions:
    • Internet Explorer 7 & 8
    • Safari
    • Google Chrome
    • Firefox
  • Search engine optimized (SEO) to improve rankings

Webmaster Updating Services
Already have an existing web site you're happy with that just needs a little updating? We can help! We offer webmaster services based on both hourly and monthly rates. Based on the work you need completed, we can get the job done quickly, and affordably. Several of our clients have us on retainer to maintain their websites on a monthly basis.

Template Design
We have extensive experience working with existing templates. If you've purchased a template from a vender, and have no idea what to do with it, we can help! We can take an existing template and turn it into a website.

Our web design work speaks volumes and you can view design samples in our portfolio.

Custom web-based applications using PHP and MYSQL

Looking for something a little more dynamic for your web site? We can develop customized databases and dynamic front-ends to allow your visitors more flexibility, and to help you improve web traffic and website usability.

The combination of using PHP for the frontend, and MYSQL for the backend creates a powerful duo that is fast loading, reliable, and highly customizable.

Open-source application deployment

We can help you with the setup and customization of several open source web applications.

We have extensive skill with a variety of open-source applications including:

We can create a website that you can update yourself.Update your own website!
More and more business owners want the ability to make simple updates to their websites. We can create a website using a content management system (CMS) that will allow you to add, edit and delete sections, pages and individual page content. This saves time and money on your marketing and web development budget, and it's fun!

We can create a e-commerce website so you can sell your products online.Sell your products to a global marketplace.
We can help you setup an online catalog to market your products. You'll be able to add, edit and delete products and categories, setup sales, maintain inventories, connect to shippers and more. It's an online store without the brick and mortar!

We can create a website with blogging and RSS capabilities so you can self-publish to the world.Speak your mind.
We can deploy a blog that will allow you to create your own news website and also have your very own RSS feed that others can then setup on their websites. This is fast becoming a powerful marketing tool. Plus, if you're a good writer, now you can be heard!

Web Hosting & Domain Name Management

We offer state-of-the-art web hosting with 99% up-time and high speed web servers.

We also provide web hosting for many of the web design projects we have built.
It's not a requirement, however, many of our clients prefer knowing we're available to help in the areas of DNS, Email and hosting services.

Our hosting plan is very simple:

ONE Plan
ONE Price

$180.00/Year - Billed Annually » by Mail or by Credit Card
99% uptime, fast and reliable web server hosting
FREE Domain Name Registatation/Renewal

We can also manage your domain names:

Automatic Renewal - Security that your domain name will not expire
Maintain DNS Records
$14.95/Year or FREE with Annual Web Hosting

If you're interested in learning more about what we can do for your business:

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